Best Apps to Share Animated Emojis on Android

Emoji is a hot topic today and the best emoji apps for Android offer you even more. It’s convenient to use emoticons in text-based conversations, simply because they let you express your emotions without writing long paragraphs. You can really insert an annoying emoji after a text to express your anger and leave nothing to chance.

However, the best emoji apps for Android give you more options so they are not only fun but also expressive. Some Emoji matches perfectly with certain situations and we do not want you to lose moments of laughter simply because your keyboard is not compatible with some emojis. While Android and other manufacturers try to integrate many Emojis into their original keyboards, we still need the best apps for Android emoji to further extend the Emoji arsenal to our smartphones and tablets.

1. Emoji Phone for Android:

If you’re an avid fan of emoji, the emoji phone for Android is for you. It comes with more than 1000 emojis to use in conversations, but it also contains almost everything related to emoji. From custom emoji screens to emoji-based emoji icon packages and emoji-based GIFs to emoji backgrounds, if you want to turn your smartphone into an emoji phone, here’s the app for you.

More than 1000 fantastic emoticons are divided into more than 10 categories. You will not miss any options when you use this fantastic emoji app for Android. Cute, love, fun, sport, alphabet and even emoji with the festival theme are available in this app. There is some funny emojis in this application that you absolutely must consult.

2. Bitmoji:

What happens if you want to be an emoji? This can be easily done with Bitmoji. It is an application that allows you to personalize your digital avatar and use it in fun and witty emoji. The application is also integrated with many different applications, I used it with Snapchat and works perfectly with this application.

To begin, you must first create your own cartoon avatar and customize it as you wish. After that, the application will generate a lot of fantastic custom stickers based on emoji that you can use in several applications. If you are a fan of Snapchat, Bitmoji will also offer you Bitmoji to really entertain you. Honestly, it’s been the most fun for a long time with a custom emoji app, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll also become a fan.

3. Smiley Emoji Keyboard:

If you want to completely change the standard keyboard for an emoji-based keyboard, the Smiley Emoji keyboard is the one you should see. The keyboard has over 800 different emoticons to use and all are well designed. It is a keyboard designed to facilitate the quick introduction of emoticons in conversations. It works with all available email applications or with any text-based application because it’s a real keyboard that supports emoji.

The app has beautiful themes to further customize the appearance and characters so that the keyboard comes out completely. One of the best features of this emoji keyboard is its ability to predict emoji. The keyboard can read what you type and offers fantastic emoji recommendations for easy insertion with one touch. You do not even need to navigate to another menu to replace words with emoji on this keyboard.

4. Elite Emoji:

There are more than 1000 high-definition stickers and emoticons that you can easily use in this application. Touch a label and the option to share it will appear and, from there, you can easily send it via the email application of your choice. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are fully compatible, so it is very easy to send emoticons or stickers to your friends and family.

The app comes with a large selection of GIFs to make things more interesting. The application also offers you to animate your images in smart GIFs. The app is also smart enough to recommend emoticons and subtitles based on their personality traits. I could not try this feature because all the application was recommended to me, I loved it.


Android keyboards are improving in the introduction of emojis in a biological way. Even the best Android keyboard apps offer an easy-to-access section with emoticons that you can use. Over time, the need for emoji apps for Android will eventually disappear, but we have not reached that point yet, as there are many important emojis missing from high-end keyboards.

I hope the best emoji apps for Android have been able to perfectly match your emoticon needs. If you have any suggestions or suggestions, leave a comment.

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