Best Flying type Pokemon

Best Flying Type Pokemon you can use to Win the Game

Pokemon never stops energizing and inspiring us. This game brings mysterious energy across the players and intent for an ultimate win. It is a ceaseless discussion when it comes to which one is the best of all. There are many types of Pokemon in the game but here, our main concentration is on the Flying Type Pokemon. Here, we’ve listed the best Flying Type Pokemon right from the first generation to succeed in your game. 

Flying-type Pokemon

Generally, creatures like insects and birds are represented as a Flying-type Pokemon in Pokemon game. Along with these, the Flying-type has some legendary Pokemon creatures like Dragon. 

Flying-type Pokemon will be strong or neutral or weak against other-type Pokemon. It has a special attacking power which helps you to battle with other Pokemon types. 

The Flying type Strength and Weakness chart will help you to know on which type the flying Pokemon are strong and weak against. By knowing the Weakness and Strengths upfront, you can be a master in your gameplay.

5 Best Flying-type Pokemon

1. Staraptor

Staraptor Pokemon is a devastating fighter. It is one of the best attackers which will not worry about the size of its opponent. Furthermore, its speed is a great quality of Staraptor. This Pokemon will look more terrific when the spike falls on its head. Your enemies will take a step back with its impressive outlook. 

2. Lugia

Lugia is one of the best and most powerful Pokemons with a propensity to rule the weather. This flying-type Pokemon has features of both dragon and bird. It is powerful enough to drop-of in just a slender movement. This Pokemon is the one who ends the battle over the province. It is well-known for its legendary qualities which helps you to lead the game. 

3. Salamence

By nature, Salamence is a dragon which has originated from the third generation. This Pokemon has a long tapering tail. This Pokemon will lose its control and get into a devastating mode when it is triggered by its enemies. The glossy frame of this pokemon makes it fly seamlessly and can defeat its opponent within a few moments. 

4. Dragonite

Dragonite is a friendly Pokemon which has attractive greyish-green eyes. This flying-type Pokemon will be at your side and saves you while you are at risk. This dragon is specifically known for its speed though it is huge in size.

5. Charizard

This Pokemon is one of the favourites among the Pokemon enthusiasts. It is well-known for its ability to transform into a mega Charizard. It usually battles against the powerful pokemon of other types with a fire on its tail. 


The afore-mentioned Pokemon are some of the best flying-type pokemon. They have their maximum speed when compared to other types and their moves will be based on the attacks. Hope this guide might have helped you to know about the flying pokemon. If you are a Pokemon player, share your experience and your favourite Pokemon with us!

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