gopro tips for snowboarding videos

Best GoPro Tips For Snowboarding Videos

Are you a snowboarding addict who loves to take snowboarding videos? Then don’t forget to take your gopro for snowboarding. With GoPro’s help, it is now possible to take better selfies and video footage while snowboarding.

Before heading to make a video, know the tips and tricks to use GoPro while Snowboarding. We’ve gathered you some of the best advice that may help you capture the best shot on your GoPro while Snowboarding.

Tips For Shooting Snowboarding Videos

Since GoPro is one of the professional action cameras, many sportspeople use it extensively to shoot their best shots. So, ready to hit the slopes this winter with your snowboard? Here are the best tips to shoot an excellent snowboarding GoPro video. 

Mount The GoPro Well

One of the accessories that you’ll be using a lot is a mount for GoPro. Choose the right place to mount your camera. For instance, if you are snowboarding, the shooting angle of your camera should be fixed properly. Or else, you either ask one of your friends to film your video for you. 

Ensure The Stability Of Your GoPro

When you are recording videos from the sidelines, you should use a tripod to achieve the desired stability. However, GoPro can be compatible with all kinds of third party tripods, and hence, you can reduce the shakiness while shooting. Especially, when you are recording a video in motion, stability is essential.

Choose The Best Angle

When you are looking to record action videos with your GoPro, then it is incredibly essential to shoot it on the right angle. GoPro comes with a default wide view angle and useful in capturing a large part of your action. But, you need to change the angles and orientation of your camera for better quality. 

However, in the new version GoPro, it comes with the three fields: medium view, ultra-wide view, and narrow view. The narrow view will offer a regular image, whereas the ultra-wide view provides a comprehensive view.

Optimize The GoPro Settings

If you are well versed with camcorders, customize your shooting experience with the setting manually.

Changes in manual setting

Change the resolution of your Videos by selecting 4K quality at 30 or 60 pixels. The Videos at these resolutions will offer high-quality content. So, if you wish to shoot a professional video, then use 4K settings. 


Are you the one who is well versed in modifying GoPro settings? Then for advanced modification, use the Protune feature. It is a software that is used for editing videos. This software offers toned images that can be used to make some additional changes in the graphics. 

Use Filters

The filmmakers and videographers usually add a professional touch to the videos they capture. So, use some filters to improve your video and picture quality.

Final Words

These are some of the tips that you should keep in mind before using a GoPro while snowboarding. If you are an experienced GoPro user, leave some tips that we missed in this blog. Thank you.!

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